Sight Medical automates the “last mile” of medical device logistics with the industry’s first end-to-end, vendor agnostic enterprise platform that aligns all stakeholders to the same business objectives. Sight Medical enables:

  • Empowered, confident and independent OR teams

  • Faster surgical cases and streamlined central sterile throughput

  • Unique, surgeon-specific information and intra-operative data-capture capability

  • Sustainable cost efficiencies for all stakeholders, including the facility, vendor, distributor, and sales associate

  • Automated Account Management

  • Access to predicted inventory demands, predicted device sizing specific to the patient and individual surgeons’ technique

  • Point-of-use device capture, reorder signal, and PO reconciliation




Inventory Management


Restocking &
PO Management


SIGHT System

The SIGHT™ System Consists of the following Components:


  • SIGHT XCHANGE™ – SIGHT Medical’s secure, cloud-based inventory management solution and communications platform.


  • SIGHT SDOC™ – SIGHT Medical’s configurable system that provides secure management of surgical device inventory, minimizing safety stock requirements and creating an efficient, predictive system of device replenishment.


  • SIGHT NAV-Sx™ - SIGHT Medical’s next generation intraoperative support solution, consisting of customizable electronic guides for assisting physicians and OR personnel to stage and carry out surgical procedures, delivered through the NavSx Intraoperative Mobile Workstation.


  • SIGHT Vendor Portal – This is SIGHT Medical’s value proposition tailored to the vendor, which includes, real- time Inventory visibility and management, Automated Case Scheduling & Notification, Demand Planning, Point of Use Capture, and Purchase Order Submission.